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The Hub - Semester 2 | 2018

The Hub is an interactive and engaging cultural hub/youth centre that fits in seamlessly with the TAFE and the surrounding area and allows the user group to immerse themselves in the world of art and culture. The design of the building provides opportunities for the user group to mingle with their peers while meeting the functional requirements of the client brief. There are many modern and smart features in the building and elements such as the green roof, solar panels and energy efficient appliances adding to the buildings positive effect on the environment. The building is comprised of many functional rooms including, dining area, kitchen, computer room, office spaces, meeting rooms, casual lounging space, outdoor area, storage space, green roof and a large multi purpose room.

The Hub

Multi Residential - Semester 2 | 2018

This Multi-Residential apartment building which was a designed for Browning Street has a wide range of different features. It includes studio, 1-2 bedrooms apartments, underground parking and a commercial tenancy located at the front of the building. In addition, this design corresponds with the surrounding West End area and gives access to northern advantages, with angled balconies and open planned living areas.

Multi Residential

Conceptual Pavilion - Semester 2 | 2018

A pavilion project designed for Musgrave Park was created using conceptual massing. The project was inspired by the Serpentine Pavilion Program located in the heart of London. The development of this design was accomplished in collaboration with student Steph Mclntyre. This organic torus shaped design is supported by timber battens with overlapping folding garden beds. Furthermore, a winding walk way leads to the top of the structure, enhancing the users experience and showcasing the vertical waterfall at the centre of the pavilion. 

Conceptual Pavilion

Working Drawings - Semester 2 | 2018

These working drawings along with reports were developed in group assignments with students David Bongers, Dennis Nguyen, Kieran Berrigan, Mikaela Maitland, and Steph McIntyre. Two sets of working drawings were created one for a commercial warehouse/office, and the other for the Multi-Res project David designed. Details, Sections, Elevations, Floor PLans, Reflective Ceiling Plans, Site Plans, and Roof Plans alone with schedules and cover sheets were all created to meet industry standard and be ready for the next step in development.

Working Drawings