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Hall of Democracy Design Presentation & Model - Semester 2 | 2021

Exploding from the ground up, the Hall of Democracy aims to reinvigorate the fragmented political climate, by rekindling the broken trust found between the people and their government. The proposal aims to rebuild this trust through three design pillars of connection, communication, and education 

Hall of Democracy Presentation
Hall of Democracy Working Drawings

Hall of Democracy Working Drawings - Semester 2 | 2021

Construction documentation set completed alongside Alister Peters

QUT Office Re-Design Construction Documentation - Semester 2 | 2020

Group construction documentation project worked on with Alister Peters, Chelsea Harris, David Bongers, Kate Henderson. Office space designed to be flexible and meet the needs of both the student and staff users. Drawings were created in addition with a Design Proposal, Project File, and Research File + Schedules

Office Documentation

Mixed-Use Residential Complex - Semester 2 | 2020

The Double Dipped mixed-use residential complex is a stunning piece of architecture. Drapped in vines, plants, and shrubs, the six almost semetrical terraced buildings, divide up the design and break up the building bulk. The complex offers 129 elegant residential units that are aimed at a proposed cliential of single professional and elderly retired couples. Futhermore, the proposal also includes almost 700m2 of prime leaseable commercial space, topped off with a gorgourse 240 seat theatre. With the complex’s almost limitless greenery, the design has double the amount of green area then the total area of the site itself.

Mixed-Use Complex